History and Romance


Love by the Morning Star

 In this romantic comedy, a servant and a cabaret singer accidentally exchange places in an English manor house, and vie for the affections of a young lord. 


Ladies in Waiting

 Three young women from vastly different backgrounds are selected to be maids of honor in the most lecherous, treacherous court in English history. 



 Stage magician sisters Phil and Fee are sent to the countryside to escape the Blitz... where they discover a college of real magicians. Can they convince them to help England win the war? 

The Green Hill Books


Under the Green Hill

A group of American children visit their English relatives and find themselves caught in the middle of a deadly fairy war. 


Guardian of the Green Hill

In the sequel to Under the Green Hill, a wicked relative plots to destroy the guardian of the fairies, and steal the power for himself. 

Books With Adam Shankman


Girl About Town

A girl from the sticks becomes a star. A rich, handsome playboy becomes a bum. When they meet in 1930s Hollywood, sparks fly... and so do bullets. 


Murder Among the Stars

 A murderer is picking off the young Hollywood starlets gathered at the swanky Hearst Castle, and Lulu Kelly might be next—unless she can find the killer first in this glitzy, glamorous, and cinematic sequel.